Welcome to my Social Accelerators page

Hi guy's. So what is this page about ?

It is about Social Media and automation. I use a lot of type of tools on a daily basis , some of them good and some of them a must have for every serious marketer.

If I think that something is really good, I try to secure at least Agency License if not White Label License , so I can help my friends to in the same time as I help myself. So on this page , i decided to publish very special access offers for some of this products.

Special Offer ... just until the counter hit 00:00 You can get 1 Lead Funnel Pro (LifeTime Access) + 1 Pindrill Pro (LifeTime Access)  for just   59.99 $ 

(not the regular 208$ )

Social Media Boosters

Lead Funnel Pro

Lead Funnel will search for all tweets and profiles which contain your keyword thus giving you hot targeted Leads which you can accept, add to workflow or reject.

Workflow will send out AUTO engaging tweets, re-tweets, follows, and message each & every prospect to push them deep inside your engagement & sales funnel. Whereas Like, Follow, Re-Tweet, Tweet will attract more followers for your tweet handle Close better sales with a engaging workflow & make fan followers who click every time you share any link in tweet.

Guaranteed Results Even If You Don’t Have Any Experience, Product, Investment or Tech Skills Stop wasting your time and nerves going back and forth from one platform to another in search of targeted traffic. Auto Work flow is tested and proven to convert leads into hyper engaged buyers in any niche.

Let Lead funnel boost your engagements on AUTOPILOT Get 100% Real, Targeted Leads EFFORTLESSLY in Any Business... FOR FREE!


Lead Funnel Pro at the moment of the launch was :  47$ + 47$ for the pro version.

And please keep in mind that the Pro version is an Upgrade so you need to buy the Main offer first.


Pindrill Pro

Pindrill is a cloud­based software, the 1st of its kind to monetize

your social media accounts for you.

Here’s a summary of what it does and how:

- the software scrapes your existing blogs, sites or eCom stores,

then creates engaging image style posts out of every article or


- works with Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, Etsy, Tumblr & Blogger

- even if you DON’T have a blog or store, you can create posts

from inside the dash to promote affiliate or CPA offers

- then it spreads your ‘rich pin’ style posts across ALL your social

media networks ­ including FB, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn,

Pinterest & Instagram

- publish posts immediately or schedule them to drip feed content

- and this brings floods of fresh, targeted traffic straight to your offers

There’s nothing on the market even close. Pindrill monetizes your

accounts and automates the process.

Pindrill Sales Page 



Pindrill Pro Sales Page 


So the current price is 67 + 47 for the pro version.

And please keep in mind that the Pro version is an Upgrade so you need to buy the Main offer first.

Social Media Boosters

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